What is iBabylon?

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iBabylon – translation @ a touch!

Babylon, the world’s leading provider of dictionary and translation software, brings you ** iBabylon ** for iPhone and iPod. 
iBabylon gives you quick and comprehensive dictionary results in over 75 languages, as well as effective full-text translations between dozens of languages.


- Translate to Multiple Languages: iBabylon allows you to choose multiple target languages and receive translations in all these languages for every word – simultaneously!

- Dictionary AND Full-Text Translations: seamlessly switch between ‘Dictionary’ and ‘Text’ modes. In ‘Dictionary’ mode, you get in-depth translations for words and expressions. In ‘Text’ mode, you can easily translate full paragraphs with a single touch.

- Huge Selection of Glossaries: Gain access to translations from over 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages. iBabylon’s provides translations from various data sources including language dictionaries, reference glossaries, subject-specific glossaries and much more.

- Choose Between 15 Interface Languages: Whether your native language is English, Russian or Chinese, iBabylon can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. 

- Pasteboard Integration: To make things a little easier, iBabylon integrates with your device’s clipboard. When the application detects new content in the Pasteboard, it automatically provides a dictionary definition or a text translation for this content.

- Automatic Language Detection: iBabylon will automatically attempt to detect the language of new text entered for translation. 

- Landscape Support: Seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes to maximize screen utilization.

- Shake to Clear: Shake your iPhone to clear the previous result and enter a new term for translation.

- Fast and Intuitive: iBabylon starts up in less than 2 seconds, and is immediately ready – just type the word and hit ‘search’. No need to provide the language – iBabylon will detect it for you.

- Small footprint: With a footprint of just over 1MB, iBabylon is a breeze to install and takes very little space on your device. No lengthy post-installation steps, no unpacking of space-consuming glossaries – just download and it’s ready to go!

Note: iBabylon retrieves results online from Babylon’s servers, and requires a working Internet connection to function correctly.

What's New in Version 1.6.5

Bug fix: Fixed a problem that caused a crash when opening the 'settings' view for a small number of users.

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