What is Babylon Enterprise for BlackBerry?

 Babylon-Enterprise for BlackBerry provides secure access to critical enterprise information, supporting today's exceedingly mobile workforce.  Mobile sales representatives can get current data regarding customers, orders and inventory in a single trackball click. Field support engineers can get information while en route to customer premises, and review previous service data with customers during their visit.

 Based on the renowned Babylon-Enterprise information access solution, this dedicated BlackBerry® application brings data from business applications to the mobile user's productivity environment in a single click.  Babylon-Enterprise for BlackBerry enables any company's mobile workforce to be more efficient and productive in their jobs while leveraging the organization's existing infrastructure and applications. Organizations can respond swiftly and effectively by putting key information from CRM and ERP systems into the hands of their field service teams and mobile sales force. 

Information from all back-office systems is delivered in one interface. Babylon-Enterprise for BlackBerry® system is up and running in just a few days.

 Babylon-Enterprise for BlackBerry® enables organizations to accelerate and make more informed decisions, whilst keeping their mobile workforce and executives connected to the critical data in the company's enterprise applications.

 "Over 300 thousand corporate users around the world already use Babylon-Enterprise to intuitively access enterprise information systems directly to their desktop," says Zohar Birkman, director of Babylon-Enterprise. "The new solution allows them similar functionality even when they are on the road -- an ability that grants them a competitive advantage and enables them to leverage the investment in the existing information infrastructures.  The solution is easily implemented and the simplicity and convenience, that characterizes the Windows version, is copied to the BlackBerry®," asserts Birkman.


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